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Preventing a Miscarriage of Justice – Letter 1

Below is the text of a letter sent to the Regional Senior Justice’s Office in an attempt to prevent a miscarriage of Justice. Dear Regional Senior Justice Service to all required parties (r. 74.18[3]) and notification of when a party … Continue reading

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SCC Leave #37808 Memorandum of Argument

If you’re interested in a Self-represented persons memorandum of Argument which opens in you pdf viewer. 16 – Tab E Memorandum of Argument Section 1 – V Whole application was about 580 pages. New information to file – and leave … Continue reading

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Draft Supreme Court Leave

Attached is link to dropbox that has my draft leave docs. I have until Friday a 3:30 for comments I have until Friday a 3:30 for comments. If you want to make anomonous comments i hope this provides a method. … Continue reading

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Instructions vs Wishes

A comparison of Mrs. Childs instructions to Section 3 reported May 14, 2015 and her wishes and observations reported by the capacity assessor on May 25, 2014 is instructive: Section 3 states “Mrs Childs wishes to live in her own … Continue reading

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June Decision (2015 ONSC 4036) Analysis

There are a number of palpable errors and errors in law in the June decision. As well as evidence of bias. In terms of palpable errors at paragraph 18 he says in two consecutive sentences that Andrew did not agree … Continue reading

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This section will deal with the relevant law, critiques of the decisions, discussions the issues and how the effect society and incapable people.

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Competent Care

Dementia is a difficult disease – especially in the early years. First, it is imperceptible but gradually you are aware that your memory which underpins your reason and judgment, are going. And underneath it all is the recognition of loss … Continue reading

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