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Premier Wynne – PGT needs oversight to end Elder Abuse

On November 7, 2017 Premier Wynne promised $6 million to establish a consumer protection program to safeguard seniors from financial abuse and to help prevent physical abuse. If Premier wants to combat financial & physical abuse she should increase oversight and … Continue reading

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Section 7 Charter Abuse?

Section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights enshrines every competent person full rights to autonomy and self-determination. Ontario’s Substitute Decision Act chips away at that, allowing appointment of counsel for a person whose capacity is at issue before the … Continue reading

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Financial abuse #1

Incapable persons can easily lose control of their property. Courts can be complicit in what could be considered financial abuse by allowing orders not followed, or enforced, to be modified by subsequent orders, even when the court is informed the … Continue reading

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A Section 3 counsel can be appointed whenever a person who is potentially incapable faces a hearing over any guardianship matter. Their sole guidance in the substitute Decision Act is the incapable person is “deemed competence to retain and instruct … Continue reading

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Questionable Care

About April 28, 2014 Mrs. C’s dream of living out her life at her home ended as one son removed her to his house and the other defended this action. He stated it was her desire but refused to allow … Continue reading

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