This is a blog about my mothers journey into dementia, her wish to live out her life in her home and my effort to see that happen

Initially it will feature articles on the lengthy legal dispute between members of my family, the role and actions of the court appointed Section 3 lawyer, the Public Guardian and Trustee and the actions, and what i see as the lack of transparency of the Bank of Montreal`s legal counsel.

I am doing this as I believe that the lack of oversight and investigation to compliment adjudication, put people like my mother at risk. The next 20 years will see over 10`s of thousands of people with significant savings, investments and indexed pensions get dementia. Many will be rich enough to make manipulation of the system attractive.

And there are so many ways to do that. Placing the person in a public long term care home, despite assets to permit other placements and the SDA requirement to maintain the persons standard of living if possible. is one method. Transferring financial management to a bank is another if for instance they want to charge an incapable person $15,000 anually for the “investment advice” of placing money in a money market fund (as has been proposed in my mother’s case). Or having court appointed lawyer you must pay, can’t fire, and who launches motions without consulations – which you have to pay for.

The incapable person is a sitting duck.  It is only through the work of diligent fiduciaries, if the person is lucky enough to have them, that they don`t lose every feather in a process that seems designed to pluck them.

To contact me directly please email me at: dignifieddementia@gmail.com


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